Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Welcome! and Risk Management

Welcome to the inaugural post of Funding the Kryptonite, a blog that will take a look at the plans of comic book super villains and discuss them from a business perspective.

To kick off on a good business idea, we take one of Marvel’s most well known business villains: Wilson Fisk, A.K.A. The Kingpin. An overview of this character in his many different incarnations can be found here, but I’ll be examining one of his best business decisions from the Ultimate Universe version of him. 

The summary

The Kingpin discovers that Spider-Man, noted superhero and general thorn in his side, never registered his likeness or name as trademarks and that a subsidiary company of his legitimate business empire purchased the company that did register those trademarks. In short, the Kingpin owns the merchandising/film/TV/book rights to Spider-Man. He floods the market with products based on that likeness, generating significant revenues for himself and reaping the benefits of Spider-Man’s increasing popularity and fame as Spider-Man attempts to stop Fisk, and other villains, from their villainy.